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Explore the most contrasting Singapore filming locations. Go everywhere, from the deep urban jungle to the mesmerizing natural reserves. Our knowledgeable location scout manager can show you the most scenic routes. Take your camera and be ready to capture stunning shots around the island.

Colonial architecture, colossal skyscrapers, jungle in the suburbs, unlimited potential awaits. The Lion City is hard to match not only in terms of cleanliness or technological development. And to ensure your shooting complies with local regulations, let us help. Our expertise includes film permits and other regional protocols. Capture the true essence of Singapore on film and rely on our top production support.

Singapore Filming Locations – Marina Bay Area

Out of this world or straight out of the future, that is how one can sum up filming in the Marina Bay Area. The most developed area among the Singapore filming locations leaves anyone in awe. Of course, the Supertrees in the Garden by the Bay are probably the most iconic spot. However, there are various approvals and film permits required for filming in this area. For foreign filmmakers, it may become a bit confusing to know all the regulations. This is where our production assistance comes in.

We have the necessary know-how to guide you through all the procedures. We can shed any trace of doubt regarding fees and waiting times. As a result, all that you have to focus on is to decide which side of Singapore you prefer. Filming at the Marina Bay Area can include modern architecture, colossal skyscrapers. But it can also feature colonial-era remnants like the Raffles Hotel. Let us turn your filming experience into a success.

Singapore filming locations Marina Bay

Filming in Sentosa Island

If you plan to shoot your next production in the Lion City, you should know there is more than one island option. Singapore filming locations go beyond the borders of the mainland. Comprising up to 64 islands, this country is full of surprises. Among them, filming on Sentosa island is one of the most pleasant.

The State of Fun is home to Universal Studios and some of the most incredible views. Likewise, the Tiger Sky Tower offers an incredible panoramic view. Expand your camera horizon to Indonesia from the top. Shoot in the most luxurious resorts in less than an hour’s driving from Singapore center. And to avoid any delays in your filming schedule, rely on our local support. We can assist you in getting the necessary approvals and film permits in Singapore. So be ready, have the perfect set, and shoot! With Fixer Singapore by your side, video production is a breeze!

Singapore filming locations Sentosa island

Singapore Filming Locations – Chinatown

When we say Chinatown, one instantly thinks of contrast among the Singapore filming locations. And for good reasons. An overflowing blend of cultures is what defines this downtown area. Striking colors, historical buildings, multicultural temples mix in harmony. Trust our location scout manager to show you the shortcut alleys to the most telegenic spots.

Whatever you pick, we are sure it will look stunning on camera. For a blast from the past vibe, consider recording by the Sri Mariamman Temple or Thian Hock Keng Temple. And if you wish to reflect the bustling rhythm of Asian cities, go to the crowded alleys of the Street Market. Take in all the flavors and colors of this lively area of Singapore. And for the film permits and gear rental, rely on a professional production company. Fixer Singapore is here to provide reliable support, whenever you need it. Drop us a message to set the scene for your next production!

film permits Singapore Chinatown

Filming in Pulau Ubin

On the opposite of the lively, vibrant Sentosa Island stands Pulau Ubin. It is a nature-preserving island, a real treasure among the Singapore filming locations. Getting the necessary approvals for the film permits here can take up to two weeks. Registration is mandatory if you plan to film in Pulau Ubin. As the island is a contemporary version of how life used to be in the old days, preserving nature is a priority.

Documentary filming as well as stories that are mostly set in the wild can fit perfectly here. Rely on our location scout manager to show you the way around this emerald island. Explore the surprising variety of habitats and get the best angles on film. Whether it is a seagrass lagoon or a mangrove, we know wildlife is always telegenic. Trust us to be your film fixer in Singapore and explore the gems, off the beaten paths. Contact us for more details!

location scout Singapore Pulau Ubin