Filming in Singapore

Fixer Singapore filming

Highly developed and secure, Garden City is a high-end shooting location in Asia. There are many strict regulations designed to ensure discipline and order. And at the same time, the blend of multiple cultures and ethnicities means there is not one dull day here.

Filming in Singapore is very rewarding yet costly for foreign videographers. Film permits are not required for most public space shootings. But some other resources for filming can be rather pricey. To get access to great deals and convenient rates on gear rental and more, count on us. We are a professional production fixer in Singapore, at your service.

Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Singapore

Looking for a location well connected with the world? Consider filming in Singapore, one of Asia’s modern production centers. It may be small in size, but has great potential for local and foreign filmmakers. A wide range of opportunities, from top-of-the-line gear and experienced crew, await. And if you feel like Singapore is a maze, trust us to be your guide.

We have a dedicated location scout to show you the way to the most telegenic spots across the city. We have the right contacts to get convenient rates for equipment rental.

Our production assistance puts you ahead of the competition. We strive to be a top fixer in Singapore and make our client’s needs a priority.

We know how important local support can be when you are filming in Singapore or any foreign location. Rely on us to make you feel at home and ensure access to everything you need. You can access a variety of cameras and other filming gear locally and we can help you track down the best deals.

Choose your team from a large pool of Singaporean and foreign professionals. Raise your game and rely on our top production assistance. We make sure you get more time behind the camera instead of doing paperwork.

Getting Film Permits In Singapore

Getting the film permits when you are filming in Singapore is pretty straightforward. Most public spaces do not require special approvals as long as you do not interrupt traffic. However, for large scale productions with exclusive use of public space, things change.

Allow around a week or more for permitting. Depending on the area where you wish to shoot, various protocols may be necessary. Aerial shots or traffic control impose getting film permits.

In case you set your eye on the Gardens by the Bay, keep in mind that location fees also apply. Besides these costs, you should know that the approvals for filming can take up to 10 days.

We strongly recommend you choose a reliable local production company to assist. Fixer Singapore can ensure you meet all the requirements for the film permits.

Basic, handheld shoots can take place without permits. And even though you do not need approval for shooting on public grounds, we recommend it. Informing the people living or working in the filming area is a gesture of courtesy. Planning ahead of time, getting all the approvals, support on the field with shooting, count on us to do them. Contact us, let’s plan filming in Singapore!

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Singapore

One of the most attractive aspects of filming in Singapore are co-production agreements. The country has bilateral co-production arrangements with Korea, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia. Any production company originating from these countries can be eligible for partnerships. These agreements create a formal framework for cooperation. Foreign filmmakers can collaborate on various media projects, from TV shows, animations.

The incentive regulating authority is the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA). They direct all efforts to improve the country’s media industry performance. Mediapolis became the top-of-the-line media center of the country this way. Other areas, such as animation, gaming, television even benefit from MDA’s support. The goal is to allow the local crew to develop skills and the industry to grow.

There is an incentive scheme allowing any production company to get a 40% cash rebate. Another 10% grant of the Singapore costs from the current project can be viable. However, you can only use this 10% on your next project.

To qualify for this scheme, the expenses must be mostly focused on local resources. That involves hiring local staff and other expenditures. Post-production costs, rental of local facilities, and gear also count. Curious to know more? Partner up with a fully vetted production fixer like us and make the most of every opportunity.

Fixer Singapore filming